Design Services

Inception, assessment of client needs, concept design, design development, construction documentation

Council Submission

Submission and approval from relevant local authority, produce and co-ordinate required documentation 

Construction documentation

Produce documentation for costing and tender purposes, facilitate tender processes, oversee construction 


Virtual reality services, real-time VR walk-through experiences, architectural visualisation images

Credits for Icons: Blueprints by priyanka from the Noun Project ,auditorium by Eucalyp from the Noun Project, project management by Ben Davis from the Noun Project ,vr by priyanka from the Noun Project ,vr by Mahmure Alp from the Noun Project

A Typical Process of a New build or Additions Project 

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Stage 1: Inception

Receive, appraise and report on the client's requirements with regards to:

Stage 2: Concept Design and Viability

Prepare an initial design and advise on:

Check the concept against the rights to the use of the land

Review anticipated costs of the project

Review the project programme

Stage 3: Design Development

Stage 4.1: Council Submission

Prepare documentation required for local authority submission:

Stage 4.2: Construction Documentation

Complete Construction drawings and proceed to call for tenders:

Stage 5: Overseeing Construction

Stage 6: Close Out