Update Building Plans

Looking to sell your property but require updated building plans? 

Recently, many property owners encounter unexpected delays in selling their property due to missing or outdated building plans. This includes scenarios where owners had previously bought a property not knowing that the existing plans did not include alterations, additions, and extensions. According to the National Building Regulations, property owners are obliged to obtain Municipal approval of any alterations, additions, or new builds before the commencement of any building work can happen on their property. This means that any undocumented structures on the property could have serious repercussions for the property owner. 

To gain council approval, the owner will need to employ an Architectural Professional with the relevant qualifications and registrations to draw and submit any deviations to the existing Municipal plans of what is existing on the property. The new submission will also need to comply with the most recent building and energy efficiency regulations. 

As a professional Architecture firm, we possess the skill and knowledge to produce the required drawings and documentation for Municipal building plan submissions. Avoid unnecessary delays with your property sale, and contact us for your building plan updates.

House De Beer

We provided updated drawings so that the client was able to sell the property