On the suggestion of the Director of the GSA in 2018, we operated as a mock-firm, Culverture, within the graduate school of architecture to further realise our Masters Thesis together, which was an architectural product. Watch our short documentary videos to find out more about Culverture and our initial journey.

Who 'owns' architecture? Can an architectural project ever be patented?

Watch the first of a two-part documentary following three young women in Unit 11 as they navigate the tricky world of intellectual property, housing, supervisor-student relations, an all-women practice and the sheer slog of building a prototype. Their re-purposed piece of urban infrastructure won them a place at the Global Graduate Show in Dubai, where they walked off with an Elle Decoration's 'Top Seven Life-Changing Projects' citation.

With thanks to Zaheer Cassim, Thomas Chapman, Njabulo Phekani, Denise Fouché, Tebogo Machethe, Mandy-Lee Pietersen, Fred Swart and, of course, Su-Nam Chen, Jaclyn Kapp and Daniele Cronje, Culverture!

Watch the second in our two-part series which follows Culverture's adventures in entrepreneurship all the way from Johannesburg to Dubai!