Apartment Unit Studies

From Affordability to Unit Sizing

So often do developers and architects have to extrapolate information from their end users that with this kind of initial information approach, the gap between what is required and what is actually developed can be closed by just a little.

In a framework model where the architects have the data of the end users in terms of their income, family and living situations, the architects can then design specifically for the group of people in question. The designs can respond according to what the end users can afford in terms of the size of a unit and what their living situations require. This might be something a company that is looking to develop Housing for their employees would like to implement.

These units were designed with modules in mind, depth and length wise. The depth is multiples of 2440mm and the lengths are limited to a group of dimensions. This is so that our Culverture Prefabricated housing technology could be implemented.

Various Sized Unit PlansVarious Sized Unit Plans
Apartment Unit Group 1
Various Sized Unit Plans Group 2
Apartment Unit Group 2
Various Sized Unit Plans Group 3
Apartment Unit Group 3
Various Sized Unit Plans combined as an apartment designVarious Sized Unit Plans combined as an apartment design
Examples of Apartment blocks derived from these units