We are very enthusiastic about this new collaboration between SACAP (The South African Council for the Architectural Profession) and PrivySeal to provide the public with a safe and easy way to verify whether the Architectural professionals they are working with are qualified and adequately registered.

This mechanism has been adopted by SACAP to ensure that only registered professionals submit drawings at all local authorities throughout South Africa. This PrivySeal is evidence that an Architectural professional is registered and in good-standing with SACAP it’s a real-time digital seal and uses a hyperlink verification certificate to give members of the public immediate access to a registered professional’s current registration status in real-time.

A PrivySeal can be embedded and displayed on email signatures, websites and social media. By simply clicking on the PrivySeal any member of the public can instantly view their registration certificate and know whether an architectural professional is adequately registered and qualified.

Example of the hyperlinked PrivySeal
Example of the registration certificate displayed by clicking on the PrivySeal or by following the QR code on the PrivySeal

The privySeal displays:

Name and surname
Category of Registration
QR code linked to the professional's registration certificate

Among other benefits, what's great about the PrivySeal is that it:

  1. Assures the public that a Registered Professional has met the standards of registration

  2. Protects the public by giving an easy way to confirm whether an architectural professional is registered with SACAP.

  3. Maintains the integrity of the profession by providing a way to verify that a registration number used when submitting drawings to council is used by the rightful owner.

  4. Will help to decrease registration fraud and the associated risks of poor service and costly mistakes.

  5. Removes any possible doubt as to your professional competence and assures those who deal with you that you can be trusted.

Please visit the SACAP Website or SACAP Facebook page for more information on Professional registration and compliance of professionals in the Architectural Industry