Vol. 2 Publication

Photo: Aleksan Powell, with overlay by Adam Osman
Graphics: Emmaneel van der Merwe & Fred Swart

We are proud to have our very own Director, Danièle Cronjé, have her Masters Thesis featured in Folio Vol. 2.

FOLIO is an innovative, peer-reviewed publication, featuring work from the GSA’s progressive teaching methodology, articles and essays from architectural leaders and research contributions celebrated for their expertise. Each volume of FOLIO is guided by a specific critical ideal, including emerging knowledge, experimentation, social responsibility, and transformation. The aim is to provide an alternative way to showcase architectural research, a way which is specific to a rapidly changing architectural and urban environment.

The first volume of FOLIO: PUPAE was launched in 2017 and consists of a collection of critical writing pieces, photo essays and design research outputs.

The second Issue of this annual publication focuses on the idea of “radical” in three main areas: radical discourse, radical discipline, and radical development.

“The detail matters little: what matters - and what remains - is where the idea goes, what becomes of it… like architecture, perhaps how the idea translates itself into form, a thing, an object… a journal.” - Folio Vol 1 & 2 Editor, Prof Lesley Lokko

Lesley Lokko is Professor and Dean of The Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture, CCNY. She was the founder and Director of the Graduate School of Architecture, University of Johannesburg from 2015 - 2019

FOLIO is a critical, creative and contemporary Journal of African Architecture and a product of GSA Imprints, an initiative launched by the Graduate School of Architecture (GSA) at the University of Johannesburg.

Here is a sneak peak of Danièle's featured work, a showcase of radical developers.

Image: Danièle Cronjé (GSA Unit 11)