Credits for Icons: Blueprints by priyanka from the Noun Project ,auditorium by Eucalyp from the Noun Project, project management by Ben Davis from the Noun Project ,vr by priyanka from the Noun Project ,vr by Mahmure Alp from the Noun Project

18th September 2020

We are very enthusiastic about this new collaboration between SACAP (The South African Council for the Architectural Profession) and PrivySeal to provide the public with a safe and easy way to verify whether the Architectural professionals they are working with are qualified and adequately registered... Read more

24th August 2020

We are proud to have our very own Director, Danièle Cronjé, have her Masters Thesis featured in Folio Vol. 2. FOLIO is an innovative, peer-reviewed publication, featuring work from the GSA’s progressive teaching methodology, articles and essays from architectural leaders and research contributions celebrated for their expertise... Read more

19th August 2020

We are very pleased that we will finally be returning to our offices with our new flexible work approach. We will also have strict new preventative protocols in place to limit our exposure to Covid-19. Here are some safety measures we will follow and advise other businesses to follow upon returning to the ... Read more

Daniele and Su-Nam are Co-Founders and Managing Directors of Avox Architects and Culverture, fully female owned and lead. Collaboratively, the duo have 10 years  of working experience in the architectural field, with experience in:

Avox Architects is a dynamic architectural company based in Johannesburg that offers comprehensive expertise. We provide integrated, extensive design solutions through feasible, coherent and innovative strategies and are registered with SACAP (South African Council for the Architectural Profession).